After a long pause

So after an embarrassingly long break I’ve decided to try again .

This time hopefully I’ll continue to  WRITE.


A Decade of marriage (The story so far…..).

What’ll ten years of marriage do to you? Well it can be different from person to person. But for me it has changed me from a hopeless cynic to a reluctant believer (in marriage that is). I’m still a cynic in so many other things that matters.

So many things have changed yet so many have remained the same. My husband who was a complete stranger to me back then has become someone I can’t think apart from me now. Then there is my son who came to my life and consumed it whole and I can’t imagine a time when he was not present in my life. From a clueless girl I’ve become a wife and then a mother and entered a whole new phase.

Why is it that for some, marriage works and for some it’s a challenge? It can be pure luck, if the cosmic forces conspired to give me a good chance. Or maybe because I assumed I’ll remain single and never really thought enough of how my future husband should or shouldn’t be. As the saying goes “Expectation reduces joy”, so without any such anticipation whatever I got is a bonus. But mainly it’s because my husband was there for me all the time trying hard to make it work.

 The sense of compatibility or wavelength was always strong in us and he never takes me for granted. He can almost always say what goes in my mind. And he’s very clever to work around a problem without ever acknowledging it as one. He gave me the chance to finally play the lead role than a supporting character in my own life.

So as one decade of marriage comes to an end and a couple of more in sight I think we’ve done a good job. Even now we’re like that old couples who finish each other’s sentences, laugh at each other’s silly jokes and can sense if the other one is planning a surprise even before they hatch the plan. I think in the coming ten years along with our increasing waistlines and receding hairlines we’ll start looking alike also(scary).

I’m still not in the blissful position as to advice that everyone should get married but it’s worth a thought. As marriage will give you someone who can be there to witness your life in all it’s up and down’s and be there for you at the end of the day.

Humble Beginings !


 For some one who always wanted to WRITE but couldn’t  get through the initial blues this blogging platform is a welcome break. So instead of going for the “Big thing ” i humbled myself to start small . As someone rightly said “All Failed writers become Good editors” but  I would like to try writing before turning to editing.