City n its people

Does a city makes its people or is it the other way around ? May be it works both ways. And I’m talking about different cities n the same country.

Take the case of Mumbai n Hyderabad (I’m leaving out Delhi purposely as I don’t want another eternal Mumbai V Delhi war). Both are very different in every aspect be it culture, language, climate or work culture. But the funny thing is that whenever a person relocates to one city from the other he CHANGES gradually according to the city in which he lives.

In my case l function differently while I’m in the metro. I’m more in control , more confidant n somewhat rash n more secure here in this city where I live than in the city I left after my marriage.

So is it simply human adaptation or does these places have a mind of their own apart from its inhabitants.



To confirm or not to confirm

Ever encountered a predicament when one of your early teenage crush suddenly comes into limelight with a friend’s request on FB.

Well after some 15 years of silence this guy is asking to be your friend on Facebook. Well to my knowledge he never even considered me as an acquaintance so a ‘friend’ is honestly a reach.

Anyway we’re not the same persons we used to be and to make new friends at this age is real hard work. So this s worth a try.